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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  May 10, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> in any sport there are incidents when people push themselveszv and apparatus to e limit. in this case it ended with a fatality. >> now officials need to find
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out why. sailboat flipped over. trapping a british gold medal winner underneath for 10 minutes. >> hard to mraev he's gone. he was doing what he loved. it was his passion. >>reporter: good evening. it is clear now what triggered the sailboat accident that claimed the life of an america's cup sailor yesterday but what is not clear is how he got trapped be naevt the boat. for so long. 7 news reporter begins our coverage. mark? >>reporter: at 1:00 o'clock yesterday afternoon the sailboatlpñ 72 foot america cup boat known as big red was turning downwind what is termed a bar away maneuver when the pwhot a cat strv ick failure. >> avenues very good friend. >>reporter: very emotional race director struggle to get the words out as he described an drew bart simpson. sailor just joined the team in february. >> app drew was.
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>>reporter: he was to be carrying an emergency oxygen bottle but we don't know if he had it or if he used it. happened. >> boat nosedive and all from the point in that maneuver is that the boat ended up upside down. capsized. broken into. many pieces. >>reporter: out of respect for the team the hair map and ceo of the event authority are witnessing to question crew members who were on board but the father of the man steering boat boat says he spoke with his son last night. tony spoke with australia nbn television >> not very good. he said it's the worst day of his life. good mate. dead. he was skip ering the boatñi. he said he didn't do anything different from normal but just feels responsible for it. >>reporter: he says his son described what happened. >> few cracking noise and boat tipped on its side before it
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wept right over the main frame and shell cracked. >>reporter: director said today question about his that will have to wait at least until next week. >> we need to give the respect to the team. the families. and we will start the details when the process with the coast guard. a police department accessóm[ to the people and equipment. >>reporter: we know downwind turn the team was doing yesterday the same maneuver the team was trying when the boat conspire sized last fall. oracle made adjustment. we expect the temperature will did the same when second boat areeves. first part of june. reporting from the america cup compound at peer 27. 7 news. >> so here's the key question people are asking these days. have these racing boats in america's cup been so ramp
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upped they are too dangerous. that part of the story from nick smith. ssdz skusz.
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>> tell us how it occurred. >> mayor tonight expect it to affect fundraising and improving on the waterfront and not just the race itselfism another change believe it or not at the oakland police department. tonight only two days after taking over for the police chief who quit the acting chief is also leaving the top post. now shawn take the reign of troubled department. replace anthony who was appointed interim chef after howard jordan resigned as chief on wednesday. another
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change. 17 year veteran of the oakland police department and as nick smith explains, now assumes one of the toughest will you enforcement job in the country. >> oakland city mayor kwan says the city is manufacturing forward under the direction of new leadership. deputy chief shawn. >> this is a better group than we had a year ago and year from now it will be even stronger as we implement the other training programs. >>reporter: busy week here. on wednesday interim oakland police chief anthony took over the department after chief howard jordan unexpectedly stepped down requesting a medical retirement. city officials say the decision 0to give up the top spot was voluntary. go back to being a captain. >>ñi obviously during any transition people make personal decisions. captain and i have spoken over the last couple days. this is a personal decision. >>reporter: shake up and brass came the same week that report by independent report released.
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the report ordered by the city help to former lapd chief reveal several problems in the department some at the top. >> nobody know him. he don't know nothing about what is going on in the streets. >>reporter: todd walker says grit deal of time working with many of the young men who find themselves on the wrong side of the law. he believes to effectively reduce crime face at the top matters. >> somebody that look like somebody kid out here understand youi] know what the kid are will going through. >> what we really need is the leadership and stability moving forward. >> president of the police officer association says other factors must be taken into account, too. >> no clear direction or leadership. that creates low morale and officers want to know where we are going. that's key at the moment. >> the mayor is said she will hire an independent head haun haunter dshs hunterer to lead a nationwide search. >> police tonight searching for 2 at risk missing children. 10-year-old rachel rodriguez
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and 13-year-old chris rodriguez ran away from h foster home on juliette avenue ten this morning. police say the sisters were upset about having to mav into a new house. they left before they could be policed in the new home. obviously very young. nobody wants them out on the streets by themselves. if you see the girls or know anything please contact the police department medley. >> van driver who slammed into the santa clara valley medical center in san jose overnight is sues pested of driving under the influence. police arrested the man in his 30's just before 4 a.m. van came to rest after crashing through the front lobby look at the pictures. januarytor was struck by did he present and treated for minor injuries zv md hospital remained open using other entrance for patient staff and visitors. >> there are new development following this outrageous bike theft caught by our camera. muni reviewing footage now from its security camera after someone spotted the expensive bike at the van ness muni metro
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station this morning. now the video shows the owner of the bike chasing the man who stole his ride on market street yesterday morning. we slowed it down to get a good lack. there he goes. zipping off. he tells 7 news his bike was in the hands of somebody who didn't lack like the map captured in the video. this guy right here. suggest that go that bike has already been fenced just that quickly. >> odds are you have parked at broken parking meter and come become to the car and found a ticket. it's frustrating and expensive and usually it's not your fault. l capitol correspondent annette reports now on move to protect you and your wallet. >> tomorrow frustrated. after finally finding a spot that allow her to park for 4 hours. meter won't let her pay for any more time than 48 minutes i two to doctor appointment rate nowok
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and if it should take more than one and a half hours the meter stopped at 48 minutes so now then could i get penaltyize. >>reporter: california law already allows drivers to park at broken meters. local city are passing their own ordinances giving the go ahead to the tickets. citation very widely but definitely cash cow. assemblyman mike wants to take the local authority away and allow drivers to park at broken meter for the maximum time posted. >> city want to get the revenue from the parking they should get it the correct way which is making sure they stay in good repair. making sure motorist can pay. >>reporter: own district los angeles issued more than 17,000 tickets of broken meet interone year. opponent lick the california public parking association say local jurisdiction develop their own policy when it comes to broken meters and pay stations. they want the decisions to stay local. >> if i find a broken meter i figure fair game.
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>>reporter: diana standing by with quarters because she knows how ticket happy meter readers can be. consumer group noticed no incentive for city to fix meters when a ticket enables them to get more money. >> fix the meter and happily pay but sit there and get 52 dollars instead of a dollar that's wrong. >>reporter: tomorrow decided to take a chance andfá go to her doctor upon thement. knowing full well find a ticket once she gets back. >> after winning a key committee vote this week the assembly expected to take up the measure this month. in sacramento, abc 7 news. >> we have late word tonight that 2 big silicon valley executives have quit zuckerberg political action group. musk the co-founder of tesla and chief executive of space x. david sax the founder of i amor and both have left. zuckerberg started the group to press for immigration rae fovrment it is heavily criticized for ads
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sen the arctic national wild life refuge. now the exit of musk and sax comes after coalition of groups announce they were temporarily pulling all of the ads from facebook and protest. >> new question tonight about the benghazi attack coming up why republican say the white house changed the story line about what happened in libya. in order to protect a president. >> planet earth. scientist say mankind influence on the atmosphere reached a dire milestone. >> expense we are the weather. >> here in the accu-weather forecast center it's a lovely mother's day but if you lack for warm weather don't two interthe coastll@beñ i have the interthe coastll@beñ i have the accu-weather forecast coming u >> pandemonium at local i have a year. place so much more alook at them kids.uch more [ sigh ]
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>> monday morning >> white house under new scrutiny tonight about the leadership during the chris's in benghazi eight months ago. attack killed ambassador
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stevens from the bay area and 3 others. tonight jonathan karl on the confidential documents he obtained related to what the white house said after the attack. >> white house under fire today for its ever-changing explanation of what happened during the benghazi attack last year that killed 4 americans. >> that is what the to make itsñ factual. >>reporter: white house said information about the attack was based on talking points drafted entirely by the cia. neither hillary clinton state department nor the white house made anything more than style changes. >> single adjustment of these 2 institutions were changing the word cons lieutenant to diplomatic facility. >> today we exclusively obtained 12 versions of the talking points showing they wept through extensive edit. early draft pointed to evidence al qaeda affiliated group took part in the attack cia warned about al qaeda threats if
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benghazi. çó secretary clinton spokesperson objected saying e-mail obtained by abc the information quote could be abused which members of congress to beat up on the state department for not paying attention to warnings. why would we weren't to feed that. after those objections were raised all references to al qaeda and cism a warnings deleted from the talking point. >> original version included reference to the al qaeda. those were taken out after the cia wrote the initial draft. >> then they wrote another draft. >> based on input from the state department. >> but here's what i have been saying. >> republican say it was about protecting president obama from a bad story did your the height of the election xaichbility different criticism from the state department for not doing enough to protect the consulat consulate. hillary clinton is already taking fire from republicans. >> i take responsibility. i take responsibility. >>reporter: that may the earliest presidential attack ad we have ever seen. jonathan
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karl abc news the white house. >> some news about our planet. reached historic possibly dangerous threshold. first time in recorded human history carbon dioxide levels surpassed 400 parts per million. high levels of carbon dioxide trap heat in the atmosphere-jc&jc increases global techlt last time it reached 400 parts per million was in the 3 million years ago era. now for all of human civilization carbon dioxide levels hovered around 280 parts per billion. big change. >> spencer is here. not worried about parts per million but the thermometer. >> exactly. it's riseing in many inland location. very good if you lick warm weather. we have a lot of it. lack at live doppler 7 hd cooling m arena influence of the low clouds and fog at the coast and mainly mostly clear skies inland so far. live view from the high definition east bay camera at emeryville giants
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braves going at it right now. 54 degrees san francisco 50's in most location. getting pretty chill out there. 60 if santa cruz. live view of coyote tower from the roof top camera hear at napa 61 and fairfield 55 union city and as we give you another live view from mountain tam see this. looking down into the bay look at the forecast feature. low clouds increase tonight. it's warmer this weekend inland with high near 90 but may have been husband mother's day i might add. lovely. pretty cool at the coast. high pressure in the controlling factor in the weather. through the weekend into next week but we see a few high clouds moving through bay area sky tomorrow. start our forecast animation at 11:00 o'clock tonight. see hey clouds and fog moving locally inland tonight then some thin high clouds moving through tomorrow. not enough to make the entire bay area cool. there will be warming around the bay inland but near the coast it rae means cool overnight low in the in rather
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uniform range generally low 50's and then start our forecast animation 5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. fog pulls back from the inland location back to the coast tomorrow. so it's cooler at the coast with hay maybe up to 60. generally in the 50's. 70's up to about 80 around the bay. we may see couple low 90's inland. south by we see high in the low to mid 80's. 83 san jose. 82 at santa clara. and peninsula see high in the mid upper 70's. up to 78. at mount view on the coast. 56 pacifica. 59 half boone may. 66 do you want san francisco tomorrow north bay high mainly in the low to mid yes up to 84 calistoga 80 napa east bay 73 oakland 74. at sap lee app dro. inland east bay warm-up to 90 at antioch. livermore. 80. fairfield. and here is the accu-weather 7 day forecast. nice warm weekend. again certainly mother's day looking great.
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cooling it a little bit. but inland high remain in the 80's all next week. mid 70's around the bay and coast cool upper 50's. >> nasty looking forecast. >> continuing now the i-pad could be a health hazard. science fair discovery of california teenager. that's coming up. >> plus another remarkable young person achievement of the uc berkeley student this year top graduate and he's only 18 top g[ male announcer ]nly 18 citibank's app for ipad
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tomorrow. nearly 800 employees who work for an outside company called center plate say they haven't had a raise in more than 4 years. center plate claims the workers among the highest paid in the country. if workers aproof the strike management claims the giants srupon in service on game day. >> well immanuel this you have just been named uc berkeley top graduating senior and you are only 18 years old. this year university medal winner also won more than 40 awards totalling more than 300,000 dollars. and again just 18. abc 7 news education reporter lae an has the story. >> great news. >>reporter: one of the brightest seniors. as would you expect his grade point average is high. >> 3.99. >>reporter: you did it in three years. >> that's right. >>reporter: he doubled major in chemical bayology and
9:26 pm
bioengineering and at 18 he's the youngestest recipient of the university medal. prize that hundreds of stunts here qualify for as long as they have close to a near perfect gpa. martin is one of the professors. >> they have 4.0it's crazy gpa at that upon the but whether matters afterwards is what actually they did with all the talent that they have. >> born in independent why. family settled in million one when he was only 7. family moved to fremont just as he was about to enter uc berkeley. while at cal he has won 40 academic and community service awards. 2 years ago he founded see your future. outreach program for all students but especially thosliving in under served communities. >> every young person society we have to acknowledge that and we have to give them way to show that. >> do you have time to date.
9:27 pm
>> yes. but it's not something i have pursued. love to play basketball and i'm an outside shooter. >>reporter: he said he wants to focus on helping others less fortunate than him. >> i captain tell you but as long as i find myself working on that i'll be happy. >>reporter: at uc berkeley abc 7 news. >> fast all of that isn't enough he's also accomplished virginia vooe violinist and chess player. from here to oxford then mit for his p hd. i don't know but but i think he will be okay. >> still to come tonight on 7 news at 9. preventing panic at the mall. new security now making pop already shopping center one of the safest places in the country. plus. >> tension rise. arrest are made after dramatic shift in women rights in israel. >> miracle in bangladesh. incredible rescue and how this
9:28 pm
woman says she survived 17 days under the rubble. stay with us about.r half hour of 7 news at
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>> good evening once again. authorities have released dramatic surveil's of christmas melee at sacramento mall. 90,000 people were shopping at the arden fair mall that day and when they believed there was a gun man on the loose panic set in. reporter dan lewis tonight on the accident of security in place in case this ever happens again. >> chaos. screams. uncertainty. this is how thousands of shoppers remember the day after christmas at arden fair mall. >> we hid behind the jewelry counter at macy's.
9:32 pm
>>reporter: news 10 the only station in the mall when shoppers believed there was a gun man on the loose. this coming less than a month after the oregon mall shooting. >> i just immanuel someone with gun or someone coming to the store and threatening us. >> yes. that day. the kind of per storm. >> now months later. only news 10 has this exclusive survillains camera video. showing you exactly what led thousands os shoppers to be evacuated. it all started with this fight. >> created some tense moments here yes. >> working at subway writ here when everything erupted. >> all of a sudden we hear screaming. >> small fight quickly spread and able to get it under control in a couple seconds. minutes after this is what led to pure panic. >> when sign knocked over somebody hollered gun. and perception was there was a
9:33 pm
shooter in the mall. >> dozens of people running trying to get out. >>reporter: out of 1 80 camera here at the mall 2 camera caught the fight on video. security had a chance to really die setting the video they decided to make several changes security wise mall wide. >> substantial changes. there has been a lot of changes. one change traffic flow in and out of the mall. >> crowded that day. had a challenge with law enforcement accessesing the mall. >> giving officers direct phone license and secret path way to access the mall and determine way to clear traffic more quickly to allow police in. second change knowing the in and out of the mall from top to bottom. when you see them enter the mall and going through the mall they are not familiar with all the points of reference in the mall. >> now 4 times a year police 7-up dated blue print and plans of where every single star
9:34 pm
located and helicopter pilots use them. >> from the bottom to the top they are not lying. here on the roof top of arden fair mall where officials now in the process of putting identifying markers right on the roof so police in the sky know exactly where they are. >> able to see day and night and make the markings. >> they scan every square foot of the mall looking for dead spot. also aheaded mormontor and new security operation center so more supervisors can look at 187 camera around the mall and make decisions in a matter of seconds. >> go from good to grit. that's what we did. changes all made because of a fight that could have turned out to be something much worse. >> the report from sacramento. >> it was a turning point for women group in jerusalem today as we go over seas for a moment
9:35 pm
when miss protecting them from protestors because of praying at the western wall. recent court order allows women to pray at the site. jew insist that it's the right of men alone. well today was the first day police protected the women instead of the protestor protestors. 3 ultra orthodox men were arrested. media reports that some rabbi urge the follow investigators crowd the western wall in attempt to prevent the women from praying. >> now to that amazing rescue in bangladesh you may have heard b.lindsay on the woman pulled out alive. after being buried for 17 days in the rubble of a collapsed clothing factory. >> wearing the pink scarf she wore to work more than two wee weeks ago onlookers erupt in addition cher as woman who said she never dremd she have would see daylight again emerged. >> plan was to flatten the site tomorrow. that's when after 3 91 hours tiny voice declared
9:36 pm
i'm alive. seamstress and mother found herself surrounded by wreckage in the building collapse basement. she had to cut her hair free from the rubble. then go through backpack finding dry food and water. ty manage to find a bottle of water she says but i had little. 95 degree heat and salute darkness broken pipe provides air. she bangs it hoping someone will hear. i would shout for help but nobody heard me. with no food left and just drops of water bulldozer happens to push aside the rubble above her. rescuer finally hearing her faint voice. we have sen these miracle before. longest 27 days. still alive after an earth quake. this boy rescued after 8 days in the rubble of haiti by the new york city task force 1. they showed me how they cut and drilled. then use
9:37 pm
the make phone to detect even a heart beat through thick cement vl. >> kahn immanuel someone surviving for 17 day in space like this. >> no pretty miraculous. down in haiti the 2 children that were trapped were for 8 days. we thought that was a miracle. >>reporter: she is said to be in remarkably good conspire. rest occurs say more than oxygen and water it was an extraordinary will to live that kept her alive. lindsay davis abc news new york. >> incredible. still ahead on 7 news at 9:00. the hidden danger with the barbecue grill and not from charcoal or propane tank. you should hear propa[ male announcer ]ld hear citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for ann to manage her finances
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>> we have some developing new >> we have some developing new news. 2 missing san jose kid they are out of danger very good news. >> the father of a gay boy scout has message for the boy scouts of america tonight. stop discriminating against gay youth. the father of ryan anderson east bay boy scout denied eagle award last october because he is gay. boy scouts of america currently considering proposal that would end the ban on gays but at rally the san francisco today mr. an draw and others urge the boy scouts to end that ban. >> even out of this big black cloud that we have been under there is a ray of sunshine.
9:42 pm
rainbow of hope. change is coming. my friend. we are all here today to make sure that happens. >> if proposal passes boy scouts would still maintain the ban on guys adult leaders and parents. the decision is expected may 23. upcoming. >> stockton teenager has discovered potential health hazard with the i-pad. as part of science fair project she figured out that if you hold an i-pad too close to the chest for too long if you fall aslee asleep, say, the magnet in the cover can turn off a heart rhythm did he vase. pacemaker. apple wouldn't comment but experts con tbingt by bloomberg confirm this is a possibility. friend-year-old father is a doctor. she presented her findingings to group of heart specialist today. >> medical emergency involving seattle teenager prompting a warning about those wire brushes used to clean barbecue grills. i have one at my home. you may as well. doctors
9:43 pm
perform exploration surgery on 16-year-olck after he complained of severe stomach pain for several days. dror the procedure piece of metal was spotted in the small intest 10. turn out to be wire bristle from a brill brush that came off and stuck to the chicken that he ate at family barbecue. >> bad luck because of this one in a million chance happening and good luck because they fond it early and good doctor got it out. >> he's okay. not really unheard of in fact the center for disease control put out a warning about old barbecue brushes. tiny metal bristle rubbing off getting into the food and we injest them. >> coming up next on 7 news at then injured do have rescued. launched one of the biggest bird sanctuary in the country in the process. i have that story as
9:44 pm
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>> monday morning. >> plucked away in the hills there is a bird sanctuary that few people know about. inthey are trying to bring back endangered birds to release to the wild. not open to the public very often but tonight, you have a ticket in. >> walking into this bird hous house, visitors greeted by a chorus of cackle. screeches. coo the birds surrounded by whimsy in the los altos hills. but this isn't just a bird
9:48 pm
sanctuary. it's also michelle's home. >> we have 2 version of how we got our name. first one is official version which is that pandemonium is the par wrought. he got the name before we had par wrought and michelle started her flock in 1997. when she stopped on lawrence expressway to rescue an injured do have. >> i didn't want to see it lie there waiting to be run over again so i picked it up and took to it a vet. >>reporter: she was willing to help out injured abandoned bird word spread quickly. 1 then 10 then hundreds. >> countless rescue led to pandemonium i have a year. non-profit organization now volunteer take care of the animal and maintain the facility it's called the last i have a year because every time guy i say to my husband this is the last i have a year. got confusing because we kept
9:49 pm
moving it. retired it at no. 9. now 64 i have a year. >>reporter: they customer for sick injured animal they no longer accept rescue birds. >> and we breed endangered bird to release to the wild. conservation organization. >> today pandemonium is one of the largest bird sanctuary in the united states. facility home to more than 360 birds and 70 endangered species. >> what we have here is pandemonium more of these than any other conservation wren 0vision in the entire world. >>reporter: this is currently actively engaged in breeding several of the endangered species including blue brown. >> in terms of the crown pidgeon they are the modern day do do bird. this is the world largest pidgeon. >>reporter: maintaining the avenue year and kaeving for the beautiful birds is expensive. >> we get supported by the public no pandemonium. won't
9:50 pm
be able to save the birds. >> don't let that happen. great work. magnificent pwrd. pandemonium is opening the doors for very special mother's day event this weekend. proceed go toward continuing this great president obama. for information call this number on the screen. >> check this site to see the great work they are could go. let's go back one last time. update the forecast. spencer is here. >> look at live doppler 7hd low cloud at the coast. mainly clear skies inland. over the weekend we can expect well tomorrow. expect mainly sunny skies. from the bay to our inland location. rae mane cool at the coast. high pressure there only upper 50's or so. we'll see 70's around the bay and up to 90 in many inland locations and game forecast tomorrow at&t park giants take on the braves again. game type 1:05. sunny breezy
9:51 pm
temperatures by 65 degrees at game time which is pretty good baseball weather hear at san francisco. accu-weather 7 day forecast mother's day looking really nice. this is mother's day weather that even father love. high up to 90 degrees inland. low 80's around the basement low 60's on the coast and remainder of next week. high inland in the low 80's. upper 60's to low 70's around the bay really lovely. >> steady as she guess very nice. >> thanks very much. sports director larry is here. pretty good ball game warriors game 3 play off series against san antonio why nail biter. >> back and forth parker doing his best curry impersonation [ female announcer ] safeway presents
9:52 pm
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they have no idea what it was like before u-verse high speed internet. yeah, you couldn't just stream movies to a device like that. one time, i had to wait half a day to watch a movie. you watched movies?! i was lucky if i could watch a show. show?! man, i was happy to see a sneezing panda clip! trevor, have you eaten today? you sound a little grumpy. [ laughter ] [ male announcer ] connect all your wi-fi-enabled devices with u-verse high speed internet. rethink possible. he. >> coming up tonight. 7 news at 11:00. this is not destruction from tornado but work of single man. how someone caused so much damage to the homes. we have the story and gun owners facing long wait for bullet. tonight what happens when the cops can't get theirs. 7 news investigates the public safety
9:55 pm
issue hitting some by area communities rate now. the stories more come up at 11:00 o'clock on channel 7 but larry her watching a really good game close. >> i wouldn't even watching right now. but i have to. oracle arena ready to erupt for game 3 of the warriors. they have used momentum on their side but the spurs so experienced. sea of yellow at oracle not much cheering early on. waiting. poster. aerodynamic. all of parker all about tony. are you kidding me? lack at the shot. off balance. that's just a prayer answered. david lee torn hip flex or. looking fine rate back there. 3 minutes in the first half. parker started game then of 11. parker french for curry. he puts the spurs up by then. takes few seconds for that.
9:56 pm
with authority. barns. i'll leave out the language humor. how about tony parker again hitting jumper after jumper. 25 at the half. spurs by 9. 57-48. second half. seth scoreless in the second quarter finally gets on track with the game tied at sky. the bounce and 10 point lead for the spurs here come the warriors then in the fourth. green the bank is open. right now spurs up 85-7 85-79. 7 and a half to go in the fourth quarter. game 3. rough play continues. mohammad shoves lebron then flop flop and ejected. carlos 2 hand flush. much better reference boozer at 21. stepping up with 20 points 19 board lebron to the wade to the basket. waims
9:57 pm
10 points. king james 12 points in the fourth. so strong. lebron finishes with 25. heat tame game 3 and lead 2 games to 1. to pwibl. matt hudson pitcher dual written all over it until the chase and oh, baby. it was cold out tonight at the park. only couple week old. scary moments as brian hits one rate back up off cain. made the throw to first for the out but he was in obvious pain stayed in the game. giants torch the former a hudson 6 runs in the fourth. single. giants up 4 zip. still in the fourth. bases loaded for marco. brandon score. crawford 6 nothing giants that was all. in the sixth. you can't say this without saying gone. 2 run blast off david carpenter.
9:58 pm
this game just went final. giants win 8-two a's and mariner if seattle. the slide didn't start very well. smoke. smoke this ball. double to right. kyle scores 2 zip mariner don't call me mark. that's gone. 3 run blast to right. working in a lot of attempt at humor in the program. not many working. 6th inning. a's down 6 nothin nothing. the double. oakland down 6-2 but the a's this one also fichbility they lose. tiger woods hasn't won since 2001. looking good after round 2. in the final pairing tomorrow for the third round. check out parky. all fired up. fowler gave him a ball and ha hat. good job. he's pumped. tiger woods on the prowl. 67 yesterday. another 67 today. second place stroke back at 10 under par. round of the day.
9:59 pm
sergio garcia. 7 under 65 including the long birdie open 8. leader under par. see what he can do in round 3 and 4. habit of falling apart. shot of the day. leishman approach on 18. from 172 yards out. that is going going gone. he's 5 shots back. good stuff. hope the warriors can pull it out. all the highlights at 11:00. >> thanks very much. >> that's this edition of 7 news here on tv 20. for all of us here, we appreciate your time. thanks for watching. our next newscast is over on channel 7 at 11:00 o'clock. and you can stay secretaryed any time you wish on 7 and follow us on twitter. at abc 7 news bay area. facebook as well. area. facebook as well. goodbye for now.
10:00 pm
charlie: so he's in the law house, right, and... dennis: oh, please stop talking. dude, dude, just let me finish my story. describing an episode of "law & order" in full detail is not a story. no, it's so good, all right, okay. first of all, i think i could be a really good lawyer. i'm, like, better than sam waterston, i'll tell you that much. oh, you want to be a lawyer? don't you think you should know how to read or write? objection, hearsay. that's lawyer talk. that's the kind of stuff you have to do.


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